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weaverPhoto: Mrs. Carney at her loom

Over a number of years, interested people have done the painstaking work required to create index pages for some of the record books found in the Historian's Library. Using keywords, these indices can be read and searched here online. The Historian's Archives contain many and various record books.

Click here to see a list of some genealogical resources available.


To search the index pages of record books from the Museum,
Put a search term in the box below and click the button.

Search Term Here:

Click here for a full list of the books that have been indexed.

Searching Hint: Search by last name only. For example, use "Hurlbut" not "Philo Hurlbut." This search engine will not find entries for Philo Hurlbut even though there are many in the index database. The numbers after the names represent the pages of the respective books where the name appears.

When planning to visit the archives it is best if you plan ahead and use our indices to search the indexed records in our collection. Make a list of the books and pages you will want to examine.

Be aware we have additional records such as land contracts, photographs, maps and other miscellaneous records that are not indexed that you may want to spend time searching during your visit.

Click here to visit the museum online.

Obtain copies of listed pages: Self service copies are 25 cents per page when you visit our archives. Or send a written list of book titles and pages to be copied to: Town of De Kalb Historical Association. Copies are $1 per page including postage. Make checks payable to: Town of De Kalb Historical Association.