At a special town meeting of the Town of De Kalb held pursuant to notice at the Inn of Asa L. Foster in said town on Tuesday, December 15th, 1863, the following resolutions were passed.
Resolution – On Motion of Abner Brees
Resolved that we raise upon the credit of the town of De Kalb a sum sufficient to pay each volunteer who may hereafter enlist and when mustered into the United States Service, or any person who may have enlisted since the 17th day of October 1863, and when mustered into said United States Service and accredited to the town of De Kalb, the sum of Three Hundred Dollars to each of the said volunteers until the quota of said town of De Kalb is raised with the last-call of the President from Three Hundred Thousand Men.

Resolution – On Motion of Miles Farr
Resolved that E. P. Townsley, H. B. Lynde and William B. Rich be associated with the Supervisor and Town Clerk to act as a Committee of Finance in raising and disbursing said money according to Resolution 1st.
Resolved that the Committee have the power to appoint one person in each school district in said town whose duty it shall be to forward to said Committee the names of all persons that have enlisted since the 17th day of October last – or all who may enlist in their respective districts until the quota of said town is filled.

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