Special Town Meeting held pursuant to notice at the Inn of Asa L. Foster in the village of De Kalb on Tuesday, August 30th, 1864. The following resolutions were passed (with their preambles).
Whereas numerous questions have arisen as to the legality and binding effect of the vote of the Special Town Meeting of the Town of De Kalb held on the 17th day of August 1864
Whereas since said Special Town Meeting, the Board of Supervisors have held a meeting and by thus acts have materially changed the liabilities of said Town in relation to the subject of bounties for recruits under the last call of the President for 500,000 men thereby increasing the liability of said town about 100 percent.
Resolved that the proceedings of said Special Town Meeting be and are hereby repealed and made null and void and the Board of Audit are hereby instructed not to issue any bonds of indebtedness against said Town in pursuance of the proceeding and evaluation of said Special Town Meeting.
Resolved that the Board of Town Auditors be and are hereby authorized and required to issue the bonds of the Town of De Kalb to each person who has since the 18th day of July last, and previous to the last meeting of the Board of Supervisors of St. Lawrence County, enlisted or furnished a substitute for the Town of their years and which person or substitute has been mustered into the army and accredited to the Town of De Kalb to apply on the quota of said Town under the last call of the President for 500,000 men the sum of $500 in addition to the $400 County bounty allowed by said Board of Supervisors provided that such persons shall accept of the same in full satisfaction of all claims for and in lieu of Town bounties from said Town payable in one, two and three years from 1st March next.
On Motion
The Meeting Adjourned.

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