Special Town Meeting held pursuant to notice at the Inn of Asa L. Foster, in the Village of De Kalb, on Tuesday April 5, 1864. The following resolutions were passed.
Resolution 1st
Resolved that the Board of Town Auditors issue Bond or Bonds of the Town of De Kalb to the amount of Three Hundred Dollars to each person who may have enlisted or reenlisted and mustered into the United States Service since the 17th day of October 1863 and properly accredited to said town provided such person or persons shall have received no town bounty here-to-fore from this or any other town until the several quotas of said town be filled under the calls of the President of October 17, 1863, February 1st and March 1864.
Resolution 2nd
Resolved that if any person who would be entitled to receive the $300 as provides in Resolution 1st have deserted the United States Service, said Board of Town Officers are directed and requestsed not to deliver said Bonds of $300 or any part thereof to said deserter.
On Motion
The meeting adjourned.

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